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Pretty good. Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good 😋

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Now Musk is saying if Apple and Google block Twitter on their app stores, presumably for failure to moderate hate speech and for safety, he will just create a new phone.

So it’s going well, right?

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Det er fredag, så @christian og jeg fortsetter å lage vårt helt egne zombiespill på nett for åpent kamera. Dagens episode er egentlig nummer 38, men har av "tekniske årsaker" fått nummer 36, og heter "Det kaller jeg episode 36." Sånn går no dagan. #Norsktut

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Modern desktop browsers have very minimal UI elements, but still Arc's fullscreen view is a total game changer. No visible tabs means vastly less distractions for the wandering mind.

Opeth's Deliverance has been on repeat here (again) the past couple of weeks, fantastic album:

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Please don't use social media, such as Twitter, Mastodon, Facebook, etc to send messages you wouldn't want others to see.

Use something like Signal or Telegram for that instead.

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Has anyone created a Chrome extension that lets you follow a Mastodon user from their profile page, even if they're not on your server?

Trying out the Arc browser and really liking it so far: I wonder what their business model is...

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Seeing some posts talking about fediblocking turning Mastodon into a "filter bubble." No. We absolutely do not need abusive or fascist views to have a high level of intellectual diversity. Full stop. That hate can fester somewhere else.

After 20 years of social media, the experiment has been run. Hateful people are unconvinced by rational argument, so there's no point engaging with them.

This is a rotten, disingenuous, meritless argument, from A to Z.

Fascism is to be defeated, not debated.

At this point, most of my Twitter is recreated on Mastodon. Success!

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Interested in game dev, functional programming, or #Clojure? Join me and @christian in our ongoing screen cast where we create a zombie dice game. New episode out now!

Of you're ever in need of i18n or theming in Clojure, check out mine and @magnars latest open source library:

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Sushikabaret. Rå fisk, ris, nori, ingefær og sjøgressalat i aspic. Dette må jo noen lage.

Typer er vel og bra, men noen av oss trives allikevel godt uten. @magnars har skrevet fint om hvordan vi får til det:

The network panel in all the browser's devtools are completely bonkers. Safari: click "Headers" to find the request body. WTF. Firefox groups request and response headers in the same tab WTF. Nothing is available until the request has completed WTF. And so on. Request/response shouldn't be that hard to give a good UI.

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