There’s been a lot of speculation around what Threads will be and what it means for Mastodon. We’ve put together some of the most common questions and our responses based on what was launched today:

Ok, I just got the Arc browser installed and I got a full cup of coffee lined up. Let's see how this goes. "Master Your Multitasking" the logo tells me. Dunno about that, but it looks good at first glance. Any Arc pro-tips I should know about?

Hooray, my new book is out: Sound Actions - Conceptualizing Musical Instruments. It is published by @themitpress and is freely available (#openaccess). #soundactions

A short video to explain what it is all about:

More about the book:

MIT Press page:

Today is the 35th anniversary of the Max Headroom signal broadcast intrusion.

1st incident lasted 25s during the sportscast on the 9PM news on WGN-TV; The 2nd, 2hrs later, lasted ~90s on PBS affiliate WTTW during Dr. Who.


Never forget 11/22/87.

Great day in Copenhagen, getting a tour of the venue area of the Copenhell festival. Oh, the 40x40 meter mural on the old ship yard wall? By the artist Victor Ash. Really cool stuff. Definitely a unique setup for a rock&metal festival. Look out for the 2023 edition!


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