Murders in the Rohan
Someone call the Gandalf
Murders in the Rohan
Am I ever going to Bree

Some next level attention has gone into the recreation of this

#Eightball by #danielclowes just got reprinted in a single volume! It's my favourite comic and I'm going to be re-reading it. It's a wild, vulgar, hilarious compilation of social commentary. While I re-read it I think I'll slowly post a thread here trying to shine some light on why it's so great. #altcomix #comics

A Quadraverb comes back to life. Sketchy power switch out, jumper cable in while I try to source a replacement part.

Hard at work on the repair list, four boxes done in three days. RNC (new opamp), x0xb0x (new regulator) and 2x MKS-50s (wobbly PSU terminals).


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